“Uplifted the thermal and ultrasound technology until nothing is hidden”


Visual & Thermal

Our company have the state of the arts UAV system, with high end visual camera and thermal camera that can capture all type of defects. We also have a level 3 thermographer in our rank who can analyse and solve the most complex issues faced in the energy or utility industry.


De TMax Engineering offers aerial inspection in high quality image which is similar to traditional methods. Using UAV can reduce the risk of exposure to live power lines and working at high level, thus increase the safety of personnel and also using UAV can overcomes the issue of partial shutdown of facilities.

Data processing

De TMax Engineering is equipped with high end processing system and combining with our professional and experience personnel are able to analyse even the most pressing issues and enhance the operations.

Surveying & Mapping​

• Slope monitoring
• Trees counting
• Assets measurement

Search & Rescue​

• Flood monitoring mission
• Missing people mission

Oil & Gas​

Remote monitoring and surveillance

• Field site monitoring and surveillance
• Project progress monitoring
• Infringement detection

Inspection and predictive maintenance

• Visual Inspection
• Non-destructive Inspection
• Defect analysis

Emergency response

Aerial View in the event of industrial accident or natural disaster
• Live feed video
• Coordinating emergency respose

Law enforcement

• Surveillance crowd control for covid-19
• Illegal immigrant thru land or sea
• Airport runway inspection • Finding victims inside burning building
• Smuggler detection
• Parameter monitoring



¬ End to end technical practical, reporting and development
¬ Introduction, Level I & Level II Thermography Consultation


¬ Classroom and Learning Activities
¬ Intro, Level I & Level II Thermography Training


¬ On-stage and Off-Stage training and coaching Online and Offline
¬ Introduction, Level I & Level II Assessment