Large Scale Solar Farm Inspection

Our company is capable of performing Infrared Thermography and Visual Inspection of Large Scale Solar Farm (LSS), Medium Scale Solar Farm(MSS), or smaller scale farms. 

Over the last years a remarkable increase of photovoltaic installations for producing renewable energy with both residential and non-residential buildings could be registered. At the same time large solar power plants were installed for using the sun’s energy. In the next years the use of renewable energies will become increasingly important.

Over the time many installations are losing part of their initially installed power which leads to a decrease in energy yield. Single cells break down, important components such as inverter do not operate at their maximum efficiency. As a consequence – besides reduced yields – warming and overheating of local faults caused by parasitic currents can cause further damage to the installation and finally lead to fires, too. Using thermal imaging, these faults – also named hotspots – can be located easily due to their thermal signature and subsequently be repaired targetedly. Due to the variety of manufacturers of photovoltaic installations that are in use today, a multitude of defects can show most diverse geometry and appearance. A prerequisite for reliable fault detection is the use of thermographic cameras with outstanding features as well as the expertise of skilled auditors.